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Get the most out of Pulser reports!

After the research, you will receive structured information from employees that help find answers to key questions that contribute to improving human resource management, increasing engagement and overall employee satisfaction. Using the PULSER platform, you will gain insight into engagement boosters that affect the level performance and employee retention.

You will find out the degree of engagement of your employees

You will easily detect problem area, locations

You will discover the strong points of the company and its employees

Reports can be one-click generated in PDF or Excel for detailed statistical analyzes of satisfaction

The data obtained from the research on employee experience are presented numerically and textually in three versions of the report

1. Basic report

Display of company results by all claims with the possibility of filtering according to the desired criteria (according to additional questions, demographics, departments and locations)

According to 9 categories of pleasures that are examined
Rating of each individual question
Employee Engagement
eNPS – share of employees who are willing to recommend the company to their friends/family
ESI – Employee Satisfaction Index – a simple measure of job satisfaction
Percentage filled
Analysis of demographic data
Best and worst rated categories and questions as an excellent basis for devising an action plan

2. Comparative report

Overview of company results by all years of participation in the research

Display of company results year by year
The possibility of filtering and comparing individual departments in the same year or by years
Rating by categories
Employee Engagement

3. Benchmark report – Find out how you compare to other companies

Comparison of company results in relation to all companies participating in the research, top 3 companies and companies by basic and specific activity

Comparison of categories of satisfaction, engagement, eNPS and ESI
Position in the overall ranking within its size category (the company's result is not communicated to the public if the company is not in the TOP 3)